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Bambi DVD

Donnie reports that the special edition of Walt Disney's Bambi on DVD is truly Special. It includes two discs packed full of excellent extra features. Besides enjoying the beauty of the newly restored and remastered movie itself, you'll be able to watch the film alongside script notes and meetings with Walt and the animation team as they plan out the final picture in 1940-41. And the DVD will feature never-before-seen footage shot at the Disney studios during the making of Bambi.

Other extras include an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature on the restoration process (the most extensive and successful restoration ever undertaken by Disney), Animation Tricks of the Trade filmed with Walt Disney in 1957 (never released until this DVD set) and a Disney Time Capsule journeying back to 1942. Donnie, who was one of just a hand-full of people anywhere allowed to see the pre-releases of the Bambi DVD set, was "floored" to witness himself with Disney's professionals, in photos from 1940-41 that he never knew existed. "A DVD of great surprises," he recently told a TV talk show while in London.

This long-awaited DVD will be released March 1, 2005.


Donnie in the spotlight

Since Donnie's rediscovery and his involvement with the new Bambi release, he has been subject of many articles and interviews in the media. Features on Donnie have appeared (or will be appearing soon) in such publications as USA Today, Disney Magazine, the Memphis Commercial Appeal Press, The Standard Times, The TimesDaily (carried in many other papers through the New York Times news service), DVD and as well as the extensive interview which appeared in Video Watchdog magazine last November.

On a recent Promotional trip to London, Donnie gave interviews to several British publications and made numerous TV and radio appearances discussing his memories of Bambi. Interviews included iofilm, Take 2 magazine, Sky Movie Zone, Guardian Unlimited, The Goode Show on BBC (two appearances), Celebrity Extra and others. As an ex-Marine, one highlight of the trip was being a guest on British Forces Radio. The producers extended his on-air time from 20 minutes to 45 with Donnie having a great time with callers from British Royal Marines and other uniforms. He told the world-wide audience of servicemen, "The Royal Marine training I experienced, as a guest in 1970 with Commando 42 at Plymouth, was the hardest military fitness challenge I had ever been tested to." The enlisted men calling in were delighted and proud that a well known U.S. Marine battalion commander would so openly recognize the quality of Royal Marine Commando training.


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